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Julia's mission it to transform everyday women through an impactful boudoir photoshoot experience. Learn more about Julia and how she is giving women their power back here.


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Hi, I'm Julia

Miss T Shares Her Insight on the Boudoir Photo Shoot Experience with Us!

Miss T, Queen Leo, I appreciate you taking the time to share with us about our time together!!! Much love, babe ❤️

miss t boudoir shoot experience florida

How did you first hear about Chestnut Artistry & Design and what made you want to book with us?

I was searching for Boudior photographers and found you on Facebook. I decided that I was going to do a shoot for my birthday. After scrolling through your photo gallery I was almost certain I was gonna book with you. After speaking with Julia through emails and over the phone I was convinced that I had found the right photographer.

What was your initial reason for booking?

I wanted to remind myself of my beauty. I wanted to celebrate my birthday and surprise my boyfriend on his with some spicy photos!

Did you have any expectations going into the shoot? What were they?

Yes. Scrolling through your gallery I was convinced that you were going to show me the beauty I rarely see everyday!

What was it like seeing your images for the first time?

I cried after seeing some of my photos. I couldn’t believe that I was seeing myself in those photos. I was/am still shocked with how beautiful I truly am. I am so thankful to Julia for handing me the mirror that I see myself in now.

What products did you purchase, and why do you think other women might love the same pieces?

I purchased an album, a 20×30 metal print and digital photos. I think other women will love the same pieces because the metal print and album are great works of art. The digital photos are wonderful because it made them easier to share with my boyfriend.

Has anything changed for you since your boudoir experience and seeing your gallery? How has boudoir impacted your body image as a woman?

I look in the mirror now and see a beautiful woman regardless of makeup or whether my hair is done. I used to value myself based on how others saw me. I no longer care if others see me as pretty/beautiful or not.

Would you recommend Chestnut Artistry & Design for the luxury boudoir experience to others?

I would definitely recommend Chestnut Artistry and design to anyone. Julia is absolutely amazing and so fun to work with. Having someone to do your makeup and hair so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself is a major plus. The client wardrobe is a blessing for those of us that aren’t good at picking outfits out for ourselves.

body positive photo studio

What advice would you give to another woman considering the boudoir experience with Chestnut Artistry & Design?

Just do it. It will change your life in how you see yourself. The one thing I can not stress enough is to do this for yourself first and foremost.

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