A Bridal Boudoir Shoot and Why the Bride Should Do It

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You may be asking yourself, what bride has the time to veer off from wedding planning to spend a day with herself and book a bridal boudoir shoot?

Let’s set that “busy schedule” aside and dive in to why you can’t miss this opportunity.

Celebrate You

The first major reason why brides should book a boudoir shoot is to celebrate yourself!!! You are about to step into a major chapter in life and deserve to gift yourself for this accomplishment! I love boudoir so much for just this simple reason because it is a gift that keeps on giving. You get to cherish this memory forever and share it with your new spouse as the *bonus*!

With stepping into this major event, comes changes to follow after. You may want to remember this time in your life before you grow into other things like a family!

bridal boudoir shoot

Down Time from Wedding Planning

You got the caterer, you are between two venues because of date conflicts, the bridal dress is somewhere in shipment…girl. Isn’t it driving you mad yet and now you are coming across this new to-do of scheduling a bridal boudoir shoot?!

But hold on a second. This is entirely different than the wedding planning. A bridal boudoir shoot should be everything you need right now to relax, escape, and treat yourself. There is no planning required on your part. At my studio located in Deland, Florida, I literally take everything off your plate to ensure you can enjoy yourself for once in this pre-wedding process.

As a boudoir photographer, I have specially curated my bridal boudoir sessions as a complete half-day experience. No drastic planning required. Brides can come in with no outfits, bed head, and slippers if they wanted. We take care of the rest!

A Bridal Boudoir Gift for the Groom, Partner, Significant Other…and YOU!

Congrats to the happy couples and my amazing past client!

I saved this one for last not because of the obvious, but because I am a boudoir photographer that focuses on empowering you. The wedding gift for them is so great and so thoughtful, but I want to be sure we don’t forget that we are doing this for you too. My studio has a great selection of product offerings to display and gift your bridal boudoir shoot in. Albums are by far the most popular pick for brides. All of our bridal boudoir albums are extremely customizable with material selections for the book and also the layout of your images as you flip through pages.

What to Expect for a Bridal Boudoir Shoot at My Deland Studio

You said yes to them. You said yes to the dress. Now let’s say yes to YOU and discuss how we will create the ultimate self-love day.

Earlier I mentioned taking everything off your plate when it comes to planning a boudoir session. At my studio, I provide a fully encompassed day. I have the Orlando area’s best professional hair and makeup artists come in to give you a boudoir-ready hair style of soft, tussled curls and a snatched makeup application complete with false lashes to give that extra va-voom!

Following your hair and makeup we take a glance at my extensive client closet with pieces ranging from XS-4X and a shelf full of heels in all sizes and heights. Some of my clients love to go shopping so I prep them with a lingerie guide full of websites they can shop through to find their bridal boudoir outfits.

After the glam and trying on boudoir outfits, we move on to the shoot! As your boudoir photographer, I am here to guide you through it all. I will be showing you what to do with your hands, feet, and even your facial expressions!

Once the shoot is complete, we sit down together and have an image reveal and ordering. This is where we go through all of your final images, design your wedding day gift for your soon-to-be-spouse, and you get a big THANK YOU hug from me before you go!

My studio can book weeks to months in advance. To take advantage of the best timelines and prepayment plans, contact Julia, your Deland boudoir photographer, for the most up to date availability and book your date directly!

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