Couples Boudoir Shoot: What Actually Happens

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Florida Couples Boudoir Shoot

A couples boudoir shoot takes on two very different meanings. For one couple, it’s an anniversary gift. For another couple, it’s an opportunity to fulfill a shared fantasy that both partners are secretly eager to explore—and then share with the rest of the world. Regardless of how you feel about boudoir shoots, there are things that happen during them that you may not be aware of unless you’ve been through one yourself.

Boudoir photography is a type of photography that captures women in their most intimate moments and to help them confident and more empowered. But what about capturing the intimacy of TWO people?

A couple’s boudoir sessions are usually more intimate and sensual, but they can also be playful and fun! It can be an unforgettable experience for both partners to capture these memories together. Plus it can make a fun date night! Couples said they left feeling empowered and more connected.

So what really happens during these sessions at our studio located in the city of Deland, FL? Besides the touching, kissing, and cuddling 😉

Let’s find out what a glimpse of what intimacy looks like behind closed doors and in front of the camera with couples boudoir photography!

Couples boudoir photoshoot, Orlando FL

What are the Rules?

Just like any other photoshoot, the photographer will establish the rules for what they aim to capture and what is not included. (Not included meaning what they prefer not to shoot if it does not fall within their genre of expertise.) Before arriving, your photographer should cover any ground rules with you to make sure everyone is on the same page and there are no surprises!

Today we will explore what MY studio caters to my couples with to give you a great idea of what to expect and why it’s such a special experience for both the photographer and my boudoir clients!

The Boudoir Session Process

After getting her pampered by our professional hair and makeup artist, we will create a plan for outfits based on the order of poses. No worries, I will do all the thinking for you, you just tell me what outfits are a MUST! We then move on to a quick discussion of how I will direct you with posing, hand/feet placement, and facial expressions with your partner. After that, we will do a few posed shots where I will show you how it looks in-camera and help you relax! Most sessions are spent taking candid photos that give you a chance to be yourself. Since it’s an environment you’re comfortable in, you don’t have to worry about being silly or acting out of character – instead, focus on having fun! We have a lot of fun bonus sets that can create even more hot and steamy opportunities. Such as our shower set or candlelit fireplace! Our couples sessions remain in the boudoir genre and we do not shoot erotica.

Fast forward to the end of our shoot time, we take a quick break and relive all the images we created before you go. I LOVE THIS PART SO MUCH! Seeing my couples sit there during the viewing session following their couples boudoir photoshoot is so amazing. They ooo and awe at the images and cannot believe what they are seeing!

Couples boudoir shoots with Julia, a Deland boudoir photographer, are a great way to celebrate your connection and capture your raw, intimacy. The shoot lasts about 2 hours, allowing plenty of time for each of you to have your private session while also taking turns posing together. It’s perfect if you want something fun and different to give as a gift or just something special that’s all about you two!

I am now taking bookings for couples boudoir photo shoots in my Deland studio! Fill out the form below and let’s get you on the books and in the sheets!

Check out the latest couple’s gallery here.

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