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A boudoir photoshoot can be empowering, sure, but life-changing? Even I’ll admit, it sounds like a bold claim. However, I’ve come to realize that boudoir photography is one of the rawest and most affecting forms of therapy.

It’s a unique way to tap into self-acceptance, improve your relationship with yourself and those closest to you, all while learning to live in the present moment. Heck, you can even have a couple’s boudoir photography session here and improve your relationships! Here, we dig into just a few of the ways boudoir photography can help you live a better life – one where you can openly celebrate yourself for the sexy goddess you are!

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What Is Boudoir Photography For?

Before we look at some of the lifelong benefits of boudoir, it’s important to think about the reason behind signing up for a boudoir session in the first place. Many people first consider this as a gift for their partner. While this is a sexy sentiment we can all get on board with, to really reap the benefits of boudoir shots, you have got to be in it for you too. You have to want it yourself, in order to break through the boundaries that have been holding you back. With that in mind, let’s look at a few of the key areas in your life where taking this step can make a positive change. 

Body Confidence and Positivity 

Boudoir photography is a sure way for you to finally see yourself as the sexy siren that you are! Too often, when we compare ourselves to models on social media, we forget that those people are professional photographers. Just like me, they are experts at finessing every frame to showcase the stunning natural beauty of their subject. 

A good boudoir shoot can show you just how sexy and feminine you are, through a lens that does away with all the self-doubt we see when we look in the mirror. Many of the gorgeous women that come to me for a session come crippled with fears and worries that they aren’t fit, thin, or young enough. When they see the finished product, they finally realize how irrational these fears are! This leads to a marked improvement in body image that continues long after the camera has finished clicking. 

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Sensuality and Self-Expression

Sometimes it can be hard to feel sexy – or even stay in touch with that part of yourself – when there is so much else to focus on. There comes a point when stripping is simply what happens quickly and covertly at the end of a long, stressful day. If you are in a relationship, perhaps intimacy often goes the same way. We’ve all been there!

A boudoir shoot gives you time to slow down and address your innermost desires. It does away with the typical feelings of shame placed on nudity by society. It gives you a moment to stop and think, ‘Hell yeah! I forgot how sexy I can be!’. You finally have a reason to be unapologetically you – with every perfect imperfection on show. Breaking down this barrier during a boudoir shoot can lead to longer-term self-acceptance, putting you in touch with a feminine sensuality born from the form-freeing session. Any time you lose sight of it, you’ll have these pictures to look back on!

Boudoir photographer Julia Rabon

Letting Go of Past Trauma 

A boudoir shoot is a significant way to honor your body and all the things it has done for you. This includes everything from giving birth to your children to just getting you out of bed on those mornings when everything seems dark. Our bodies must bear the brunt of both mental and physical scars, while still keeping everything ticking over underneath. 

A boudoir shoot can help you acknowledge these scars by showing them in sharp relief and embracing the beauty behind them. It’s a celebration of all that you are and everything it has taken to get you where you are today. Don’t worry! You’ll soon see that the flaws you thought you had are nothing but markers that made you who you are. This helps you learn to let go of negative experiences more easily, as you embrace the positive present. 

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Vulnerability and Relationships 

For the vast majority of people, having a boudoir shoot is quite scary. This makes it a great opportunity to face your fears and be vulnerable for once! Many women find it easier than they were expecting to let their guard down in front of the camera, especially after being glammed up to goddess proportions! 

The longer you spend in front of the camera, the more confidence you’ll build. It’s easy to take this feeling of empowerment back into your life and even your relationships. From becoming less shy in the bedroom to feeling less self-conscious around your friends, being open with yourself and your body for just one day can have an incredible butterfly effect. 

How to Book Florida Boudoir Photography 

Looking for boudoir photography in Florida to bag all the above benefits and more? With a studio based in Deland, I am a Florida boudoir photographer with a focus on helping you find the beauty within. Serving stunning clients throughout Orlando, Jacksonville, Saint Augustine, and beyond, I work with an all-female team to craft a tailored experience where you can feel free to express yourself. 

Whether you’re looking for a creative couple’s boudoir shoot or a more classic session to show off your fierce, feminine side, I’m here to be your hype girl throughout! Get in touch for more information on the investment and to learn about the full process.

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