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Boudoir Photography Gainesville, FL

Looking for a unique experience that empowers you to be the best and bravest version of yourself? You just found it. I provide boudoir photography in Florida to help you fight off those insecurities, shed any lingering self-doubt and see yourself for the incredible goddess you are! 

Every experience is completely bespoke to you and your dream boudoir shoot, whether you’re looking to surprise your significant other or simply want to boost your self-confidence and feel more comfortable in your own skin. 

It's time you finally do something selflessly for you.

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Florida Boudoir Photography

We start with a comprehensive discovery call. To provide a completely custom experience, it’s important that I get to know all about you and what you’re hoping to achieve from the shoot. You can also express any doubts, concerns, and apprehensions you may have while getting the answers to all of your most pressing questions. 

The more informed you are, the less nerve-wracking the whole thing becomes! I’ll also provide everything we talked about in an email, from pre-shoot posing tips to a full timeline for the day itself. Finally, you can fill out a questionnaire with all your hopes and wishes for the experience, along with any specific worries and things you want to work on. 

Step One

And so the fun begins! Head on down to our deluxe studio in DeLand, which has been reserved all day for your own personal use. You’ll be welcomed by our friendly all-female team, with a professional hair and makeup artist to help you get glammed up. You can have as much or as little input into your look as you’d like, it’s all completely up to you. 

Once you’re happy with the styling, it’s time to try on some sexy outfits from our special closet, and pick out a few props that speak to your inner siren. Whatever you choose is sure to fill you with all that tingly anticipation of what’s to come.

Step Two

At this stage, you’ll probably be surprised at how calm you’re feeling already. If you do still have some lingering nerves when the camera comes out, all that will soon melt away once we get going. That’s because I’m there to guide you through every pose and picture, using an expert eye to find your most flattering angles and facial expressions. 

It’s easy to enjoy it once you feel at ease, and the more you do, the more beautiful you’ll feel too. Once those final fears have melted away, it’s time to finally take a sneak peek at the images we’ve created.

Step Three

At Chestnut Artistry & Design, a boudoir shoot is a little more than a professional photo-taking session. We aim to craft a completely enchanting and empowering experience, one that you come away from feeling like a divine goddess – with incredible images to prove it.

Here’s how it usually goes down.

how it works

Everyday  to  Slay

Every Experience Includes

  • A discovery call where you can tell me all about your dream experience
  • Constant communication via email with pre-shoot support and advice
  • A full-day session at our dreamy studio in DeLand 
  • Access to our client closet, filled with risqué ‘fits for every figure
  • A full makeover from a professional hair and makeup artist
  • Professional posing guidance throughout the shoot
  • A sneak peek at your gallery on the same day of the shoot

Think you’ve finally found your Florida boudoir photographer? Why not book a quick consultation call to get started? I know how daunting this whole process can be, which is why my goal is always to help clients feel at ease. If you have any questions about the experience, I’d love to answer them!

Boudoir is a truly incredible experience that not only helps you reconnect with your sensual side but also strips away the negative body image that you see when you look in the mirror. If that sounds like something you could do with, don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

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"Julia did an amazing job at making me feel comfortable and beautiful in front of the camera! She knew exactly how to pose me and the pictures are stunning!"

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"Julia was there for me at every step of the way. She would know just when to call, have emails scheduled to send with information, and she was ALWAYS there if I had any questions. I was so nervous and excited the day of, but Julia made the entire experience so comfortable and more importantly FUN!"

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"Julia is HANDS DOWN the best! She is professional, made me feel at ease instantly and that’s not even mentioning the gorgeous photos 😍 I highly recommend this for anyone - but especially anyone who struggles to look in the mirror with confidence."

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