Quit Making Excuses: You Totally Deserve a Boudoir Experience

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Quit making these excuses.

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Do you ever find yourself making excuses when you’re feeling nervous? I know I do! Whether it’s because we’re too busy at work, constantly chauffeuring someone around, or just wanting to spend quality time with our spouse, we all have reasons why we put off taking care of ourselves. We may tell ourselves things like “I’ll start taking care of myself once I lose 15 pounds” or “I can’t afford it right now.” But guess what? No matter the excuse, you are totally capable of prioritizing self-love. Let me help show you how you can quit making excuses because you are deserving of a boudoir experience with some self-care, no matter what obstacles may stand in your way!

“I don’t have enough time for myself”

I need to remind you that taking care of your mental health is so important. It can be tough to remember to prioritize yourself, especially when you’re busy looking after everyone else. Trust me, I struggle with this too!

But it’s crucial to give yourself those mental health breaks. We all make excuses for not slowing down and taking a breather, but sometimes we need a little nudge from someone else to remind us.

Have you ever considered treating yourself to a boudoir shoot? It’s a great way to unwind, appreciate yourself, and let go of any insecurities. Imagine all the positive energy you could save by just being kinder to yourself and embracing your own beauty!

So, why not take some time for yourself and enjoy a fabulous experience like getting glammed up for a change? You deserve it!

“I’m not where I want to be weight wise / I don’t fit the media’s idea of a good enough size.”

Did you know that only 5% of American females naturally possess the body type that is often portrayed as the ideal in mainstream advertising? Yup, just 5%!

And I’ll keep repeating this because it’s so important  (and sorry, not sorry if you’ve ever heard me say it before) – why should anyone have to be a certain size to love themselves? Why do we need to conform to someone else’s narrow idea of a perfect body in order to appreciate our own? Remember, every body is unique and beautiful in its own way!

It’s great to have health and fitness goals, but that doesn’t mean you have to criticize or hate your body in the process. You should love and embrace yourself at every stage of your journey, celebrating who you are now and how far you’ve come. Consider treating yourself to a boudoir shoot to commemorate your progress and remind yourself of your worth. You deserve to feel proud of yourself every step of the way! Have a boudoir shoot to celebrate where you are now, and then have one when you lose that 15 lbs to celebrate how far you’ve come!


“I never feel sexy or sensual anymore so a boudoir shoot must not be for me.”


Feeling like you’ve lost touch with your sexy and sensual side? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. But guess what? This excuse is actually the EXACT reason you SHOULD do a boudoir shoot.

Life can get crazy with health, kids, and work, but taking some time for yourself and embracing your femininity can be so empowering and help you put that spark back in. I can show you that you have that inside you somewhere, and it might even ignite a spark between you and your spouse as well!

You don’t have to feel pressured to wear super sexy lingerie if that’s not your style. There are plenty of outfit options to choose from that can still make you feel amazing. If you need some inspiration, I’m here to help or you can check out our blog for some great ideas on finding the perfect outfit.

“A boudoir shoot is an investment and I don’t have all the money right now.”

Yes, a boudoir shoot IS an investment. But it’s also an investment in yourself. It’s all about boosting your well-being and confidence! And don’t worry about the cost – we offer payment plans to make it more manageable for you. All you need to do is pay a booking retainer to secure your shoot, and then we can work out a payment plan for the rest. If you have any questions about our payment options, feel free to email us while setting up your shoot!

All of this to say with a heart full of love: Quit Making Excuses. You Totally Deserve a Boudoir Experience

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