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Julia's mission it to transform everyday women through an impactful boudoir photoshoot experience. Learn more about Julia and how she is giving women their power back here.


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Hi, I'm Julia

I know you’re super nervous about booking a boudoir photoshoot. The good news is that is totally normal. Honestly, I’d be worried if you weren’t. That would mean that you’ve become numb to the exciting things going on in your life.
All of my clients express nervousness after booking their shoot. Some of them sit quietly
through their hair and makeup, mentally preparing themselves, others text, call, and email me
different options they are thinking about to get my opinion ahead of time.
I want you to remind you to not get too caught up in the details because the image that speaks to your soul isn’t going to be about the perfect outfit or your amazing nail polish.

FOR NOW THOUGH! Let’s hear it straight from the source and weigh in with our past clients and what they have to say about their boudoir photoshoot with Chestnut Artistry & Design!

boudoir in deland florida

LADIES!!! If you were like me and followed this page for a couples years admiring all of these beautiful womens photos and though “I would love to have pictures taken like this but I could never pull it off” or “I am not skinny enough” or what ever your reasoning is. I am here to tell you TAKE THE PICTURES!!! If you suffer self esteem issues, TAKE THE PICTURES!!! Do this FOR YOU!!!

I will be the first to admit I NEVER thought I could look as beautiful as the women before me. I have always been my worse critic, and while I’m person I may seem like I am confident but that is far from the truth. You see I hated my smile, scars and all my curves I have gained after a terrible car accident. I was no longer the person in shape that I use to be.

BUT one day while at work I messaged Julia at which time she called me. The second I spoke with her she had me confident enough that I booked my session. I knew just by hearing her voice and laugh that I could trust her and be completely vulnerable and allow her to do what she does best!

So with three weeks before my 29th birthday I said let’s do this! I wanted to do this FOR ME! We immediately booked a session right before my birthday. I’ll be honest I was excited, nervous and did not know what to expect but Julia being the awesome person she is called, texted and emailed literally up until the moment I walked into her door.

I remember sitting in the chair getting my hair and make up done and the entire time Julia kept saying “OMG You look so good”. This amazing woman was already hyping me up while I was wearing nothing but a tshirt and sweat pants lol.

Now fast forward to the first picture. A inside peek in my head, I HATE my smile. LADIES LET ME TELL YOU after the first few pictures and Julia saying “OMG these are so good” I started to relax and get out of my own head. She would tell me okay now let’s smile and she would instantly make me laugh on purpose and snap some quick pictures. She then showed me the pictures of my smile and I was AMAZED!!! I NEVER knew my smile was pretty or that I could EVER look HOTT!!! 🥵 After every single picture taken Julia continued to hype me up! I instantly became comfortable with her and laughed through out the session. It was like I have known her my entire life and she was my person HYPE friend!!

To say that my pictures turned out amazing is an understatement. Here I am a few weeks later and I am still obsessed! I look at them almost every day! Hell I have one picture hanging above my bed and another picture as a screen saver on MY OWN PHONE! Lol

I am saying ALL of this, to say this… TAKE THE PICTURES!!! Do it for YOUSELF!!! I promise it is worth every penny and you will look at yourself in the most positive way! You will see beauty, grace, confidence and a fierce/STRONG Woman!

Trust in JULIA and she will take good care of you!!

– Miss O, Jacksonville Florida

boudoir photoshoot florida

WOW! Thank you, Miss O, for giving us that epic testimonial for your boudoir session! Fun fact, she traveled over 3 hours to come see me at my boudoir studio!

We have more clients that shared their amazing stories as well about their boudoir photoshoots.

Here is Miss B’s testimonial from her Jacksonville Beach Boudoir Session.

I had my session yesterday with Julia and I am so excited to share my experience! 😊

Soooo, funny story. I had an appt booked already in GA for yesterday with someone else but didn’t want to drive that far. saw a Facebook ad for her — earlier this month and was super excited because it was way closer and would be on the beach – my happy place, where worries are washed away by the waves! 🌊🌊🌊

Yay! 🥂

I was impressed by her clear, consistent communication in the initial conversation as well as in days leading up the shoot. She followed up each encounter with emails and reminders. She truly respects her craft as a business, which spoke volumes to me about her confidence in the quality.

The day of the shoot, she was punctual and her easy going personality made me feel relaxed. I had my hair and makeup done at the scheduled time and my goodness!!! I felt so HOT 🥵

This just-turned-30 -year-old mama/nurse/Army Officer was ready to show up and show out 🎉🎉 It was so important to me that elegance, strength and beauty was captured as I used this shoot to symbolize embracing of a new decade of life as a transformed woman. I stand on the other side of deep losses and situations that rocked me.

This shoot brought so much power for my self healing and inner peace. I see this girl in these photos and I see a woman that’s✨✨ FREE. ✨✨I actually teared up when I saw these images making my album – because in these still shots, she is such a beautiful, strong and courageous woman without all the inner monologues, shame, guilt and pain that blinded her self worth.

I am worthy. I am healing. I am strong and beautiful.

These pictures will be an endless reminder of such when I see them.

– Miss B, St. Augustine Florida

I know that inside you are just dying to schedule your own boudoir photoshoot experience. I know that
you’re being held back by a whole lot of fear. We’re terrified of the unknown. You work your booty off, you’re the best wife, mom, daughter, sister that you can be. You hustle, hustle, hustle, and you put yourself on the back burner for “someday.”

Someday I will have the time, someday I will have the body, someday I’ll be able to save the money. Meanwhile you hand out all of your love, your time, your strength to those around you. What about you girl? When are you going to serve up some love to yourself? Fill your plate, come back for seconds and thirds. We cannot be everything to everyone else if we don’t fill our own cup first.

Girl I see you, I see your struggles, I see your fears, and your doubts. I want you to know that I am here working for you to help you get the time and love that you deserve from yourself. I know you want it, and I want to make it a reality for you.

Contact me about a boudoir photoshoot at my studio located in Deland, Florida!

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