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Julia's mission it to transform everyday women through an impactful boudoir photoshoot experience. Learn more about Julia and how she is giving women their power back here.


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Finding or Googling boudoir photography near me can be difficult if you don’t know where to look or what you are looking for. Searching through social media, finding the right keywords and hashtags, and then sorting through hundreds of photos to find the right photographer for you can be exhausting!
The search is over now, babe. Here’s everything you need to know about the boudoir photo session process with us at Chestnut Artistry & Design, from what to expect to how long it takes and what to do after your session ends so you can be sure you are getting the best photo experience possible!


Step 1: Setting up a one on one phone consultation with your boudoir photographer

….Que the phone anxiety, right?

NOPE! Don’t stress, babe. This isn’t a job interview or the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire gameshow where you are left with the daunting thoughts of giving us the wrong answers and losing it all. We just want to get to know you and you get to know us!!! I mean, this is a very intimate subject, and we WANT YOU to be well informed of who you are working with.

A phone consultation is a must before your photo session. During your phone consultation you can discuss all of your session details such as clothing choices and any special requests. Also, be sure to bring up any concerns or fears that you may have about doing a boudoir photo shoot. Your photographer, Julia, will address all of your concerns so that you feel completely comfortable for your session. At the end of the call when you are ready to move forward, we will select a date and cover any session fees to secure your date and time. Our studio typically books 4-6 months in advance. Reach out for the most up to date availability as we may be able to fit an extra session in depending on our schedule.

boudoir by chestnut artistry & design

Step 2: Preparation before your boudoir session experience

We call it an “experience” for a reason. I am a big believer that you get what you pay for when it comes to professional boudoir photography; clients who invest in high quality photography will always come away with beautiful images that last a lifetime. And the best part? You are not left with ANY guesswork!

We have a streamlined communication process through emails that will deliver bite sized pieces to you leading up to the boudoir shoot. We cover everything from when to get that last hair appointment in, when to wax (if that’s why you are in to), what outfits work best, and more.

There is also a survey that will ask questions to get you thinking about what makeup and hair style you may want, what kind of music you would like played during your time in the boudoir studio, and fun facts about you that may help us with your posing!

boudoir by chestnut artistry & design Jacksonville florida

Step 3: Finding outfits for your boudoir session in our studio’s client closet

“Wait, I don’t HAVE to spend countless hours scouring the internet for what I want to wear and deal with driving to the stores that don’t carry my size?”

NOPE! We have a client closet in the studio for that!

Choosing outfits is probably one of my favorite parts of boudoir photography. I love getting to know my clients better as we go through their closet together and find outfits that they feel great in. It’s an important part of planning because it’s so much fun! I have my clients fill out a style form where they share with me all of their favorite things to wear. This helps me find a whole lot more inspiration for how to best style them on their day! (*We even offer a purchase bonus where you can come in a week or two before your session and try on outfits! Contact us for more info.) Our closet currently carries sizes XS-4X and shoes ranging from size 6-11.


Step 4: Arriving the day of your boudoir photo shoot

Your session time begins at our predetermined meet time. You can come in, put down your bags, let us hang up any pieces you may have brought, let your hair down, and relax! Your photographer, Julia, will be present for your session to both capture you looking gorgeous and to guide you through poses that she has perfected over years of being a professional portrait photographer. It is her job to make sure your boudoir photo session is everything it can be! Your makeup artist will be there to ensure that you look flawless during each step of your session. Come out looking ready for anything thrown your way because our makeup artists are experts at transforming even the worst mornings into an afternoon delight.

Boudoir orlando

Step 5: The boudoir hair and makeup chair

Commence the girl talk!

The last thing a woman wants to do when she arrives at her boudoir photo session is to sit still as a stylist puts any further tension on her body. We are here to make you feel comfortable and put the nerves aside! The perfect team for a boudoir photo session is one who has worked extensively with people who are uncomfortable being nude or disrobed, helping them feel beautiful and relaxed about it even if they haven’t done anything like it before.


Step 6: Doing the shoot

Be sure to leave your phone in your bag and on SILENT so that you can relax and have fun.

Now it’s time to do the damn thing!!!

Julia, your boudoir photographer, is going to be guiding you through every single step. Where to look, how to place hands and fingers, straightening out jewelry (we know how pesky those wedding rings can be!), what to do with your legs, feet, and toes. It sounds like a lot, right? Yeah maybe in word form, but Julia will literally get down there and show you. Get ready to laugh a lot because Julia is a big dork, but we gotta have fun!!!

She will show you images on the back of the camera so as we go through, you will see right away just how freaking BOMB you look and the nerves will instantly go away. It works, every. time.


Step 7: The image reveal

WOAH! Has it already been over an hour?! I was having so much fun! I can’t wait to see them!!! How long will it take to see the images? A week, 3 weeks? Do we set up a Zoom call?

Uhm…how about you see your images in 15 MINUTES?!

Say whattttt?!

Yup! Go ahead and change back into your comfy clothes while Julia plugs in and gets the gallery ready to view together before you go! This is an exciting moment for everyone involved. Once the images are ready, we will sit down together and go through them, pick your favorites, and design any albums and wall art you have preselected prior to your shoot, or upgrade even more because you just LOVE your images so much!

boudoir orlando

Step 8: Boudoir Goodies Delivery Day!

Your gorgeous products arrive and you are beaming with excitement! Either you have to hide them for just a little longer to surprise a special someone or you already have the nails hanging in the wall to put up that GLORIOUS image of yourself. Whatever you receive, you will get to really appreciate what you did for yourself and it will be a gift that keeps on giving for YOU!


Step 9: Contact Us About Your Boudoir Session

Now that we have covered what to expect and you are feeling a little less nervous, let’s get you setup!!

If you’re ready to schedule your own boudoir photo session, fill out our contact form below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. We’re available for boudoir sessions at our studio location in Deland, FL between Jacksonville and Orlando.

Can’t wait to work with you!

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