Our 5 Favorite Boudoir Photo Sessions To Remember: Dark And Moody Boudoir

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The popularity of boudoir photography has never been stronger and we’re not complaining!

A few years ago the concept of boudoir photography was new to us, and even more so to most of our clients; but once people started trying it out it quickly became one of their favorite things about booking a session with us.

We wanted to share five of our favorite moments from recent sessions that captured something special and different than what we typically see. So here they are, five moments that stand out from recent sessions that made us say “WOW”!

The power behind the boudoir pose.

a woman posing in her orlando boudoir photo session

The boudoir pose is a powerful one. It can take a regular, run-of-the-mill shot and turn it into something dark and moody – something you want to stare at for longer than you should in public. Done right, your boudoir session can be an experience that leaves you feeling confident and sexy – not only in your photos but also in everyday life.


Composition is key in boudoir photography.

Deland boudoir studio with bathtub

One thing you must keep in mind when signing up for a shoot at a boudoir studio, is that the images should complement one another and fit a coherent theme. When planning a session, it’s crucial to find out what mood or message you want to convey. An edgy style? A retro feel? A soft romantic look? This will really help the boudoir photographer understand what sort of shots and poses will work best with your concept.

Unsure of what you want?

PERFECT! Leaving it to the artist’s eye and trusting the process is one of the best options that we highly recommend!


Creating a story behind each boudoir shoot.

boudoir photography daytona beach fl

Where are you at in your life? What was going on in your life at a past time that you want to commemorate? What milestone do you want to celebrate and document? The photos of dark and moody boudoir will make it possible. By creating intimate, personal photographs, a boudoir photo session helps people create memories that can last a lifetime.


Being body positive in a boudoir photo shoot.

a woman celebrating her weight loss journey in a boudoir session

One of our favorite parts about boudoir photography is that it allows us to celebrate a woman’s natural beauty, no matter her size. It’s not about whether you fit into a certain size or image; it’s about loving who you are and feeling beautiful in your own skin. We offer body-positive boudoir photo sessions so every woman can embrace their sensuality and confidence—no matter what stage of life they’re in.


The session will be about you!

boudoir jacksonville florida

What makes a photo session memorable? What are some of your favorite photographs from your sessions with us? Our team at Chestnut Artistry & Design wants to capture moments that will stick in your mind and make you smile. If you could have any photo from a session framed and hung on your wall, what would it be? These are all questions we ask ourselves as we plan each session. It’s not just about beauty; it’s about capturing memories.


We’d love to be a part of your boudoir experience!

We’ve been in your shoes before and we remember that feeling of excitement and joy, while also being a little bit nervous. Don’t worry, it’s completely normal to be both excited and nervous! We want you to have an experience you will never forget – one that is not only fun but memorable. Whether your session is a celebration of your beautiful self, or a gift for someone else (or both!), we can’t wait to create beautiful photos that will help you look back and remember all of those wonderful moments. There are so many great ways to do boudoir!

Tell us about your ideal boudoir session by contacting us here.

We look forward to talking with you more about creating some beautiful memories together!

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