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Founder of Chestnut Artistry & Design.
Julia's mission it to transform everyday women through an impactful boudoir photoshoot experience. Learn more about Julia and how she is giving women their power back here.


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Hi, I'm Julia

In our society, we are bombarded with images of perfection. But what about the imperfections? The beauty in them? How being “imperfect” is actually perfect. The women that we see in the media are beautiful, but they will never represent all of our beauty. It’s time to start loving yourself for who you really are and not what society tells us is perfect.

A boudoir session is meant for discovery, a celebration of who you truly are. To highlight the beauty from the outside to within.

The girl in the mirror may not always be what we “want” to see, but she deserves love and acceptance just as she is regardless of what the media tells us is “beautiful”. It can take time for her to feel this way about herself…but there is hope because a boudoir session will help guide us back to the honest truth for how worthy we are of this love and acceptance from ourselves. I want you to know that it is okay to be you, the real you. It’s time to embrace your flaws and flaunt what makes you unique!

We need a place where we can feel safe to be ourselves without judgement. I have created this space with these in mind: To help nurture women to feel good about themselves, fall back in love with who they are, and embrace their truth.

Chestnut Artistry is a boudoir photographer in Deland Florida

During the boudoir experience, you are greeted with open arms from our team. We will begin to work with you to create an elegant and captivating makeup and hair style to highlight your beautiful features. *Don’t worry! The makeup may be more than you are used to, it will look more natural in camera and the final photos.*

We then begin trying on the outfits and find the perfect set that fits your personality. While you are getting dressed, we will make a playlist for your session to feel more at ease. After hair and makeup is finished and heels are strapped on, it’s time for the extra fun! We start with the easy poses to get you warmed up and used to the movements we will be doing in the shoot. This is not a “smile at the camera and say cheese!” shoot. I am here to capture the sensual and candid you. I take into account what you’ve told me about your story and I guide you through the motions to tell that story from your face, hands, and all the way down to your toes.

And then it happens, I turn that camera around and show you what I see. The emotions can start to run. It might take a moment to recognize that YOU are in that photo. You’ve never seen yourself in this light before. But you aren’t sad, you are over filled with excitement and ready for more. This is a chance to live in the moment, and not just see it from afar. This is your time for you! Your boudoir session will be full of love, light, laughter and everything else that makes life worth living. It’s one thing about yourself that you don’t give enough credit to: “You.”

So you loved the experience, the photos, and we have come to the close for the day. You may worry that this newfound luster of yourself will disappear the next day, but this isn’t the case. In the coming weeks you will think back to these little snippets in time where you felt like you were on Cloud 9. And then your album and wall art come in!

These keepsakes are your visual reminders. Reminders of doing something brave. Reminders of the person you are capable of loving. Reminders that there is no one else like “you.” Just as when you find your soulmate, falling in love takes time. And this boudoir experience will help kickstart the journey. Your body, your skin and the way you feel on this day will be a reminder that there is no one else like “you.” And it’s ok to let in all the love of yourself. You are worth it!


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