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You probably think I am going to say something ridiculous like a sex toy or your children. While yes, both of these answers are still VERY VALID, there are some other things I advise not to bring to your boudoir session.

We are not going to go over what to bring to your session as far as outfits. I have previously written a blog about sexy things you have in your closet right now for a boudoir shoot. Plus when you book a session with me, I load you with information on how to find and choose what outfits to bring!

So let’s go over the list of things NOT to bring to the photoshoot.

What Not To Bring To Your Boudoir Session

#1 Tight Outfits

what to bring to a boudoir session saint augustine florida

The skin tight skinny jeans that make the assets pop won’t work before your boudoir photoshoot. I suggest leaving the too tight bras, panties that dig in the skin, and any other tight fitting bottoms around the waist at home. You want to be comfortable and feel confident in your skin! Investing in a session to boost yourself up won’t do any good if you try to sneak in a smaller size. The pinching from wearing too small clothes will not be very flattering in your photos. Take this time to update your lingerie drawer a bit and treat yourself to a little shopping splurge!

#2 Halloween Costumes

what to bring to a boudoir session saint augustine florida

Ok so before you start freaking out because you envisioned yourself in a schoolgirl outfit and your husband thinks it’s super sexy in the bedroom…let’s discuss this for a second. No matter how hot the woman looks on the packaging of the costume, these costumes are NOT made to fit to your body or enhance your lines. Most of these costumes are made of cheap fabrics and materials and often poorly assembled. If you are in a deep desire to flaunt a themed wardrobe, I encourage you to find actual fitted pieces that fit the theme and can be combined to make the look you want.

#3 The Posse

what to bring to a boudoir session saint augustine florida

Yup, I’m telling you here now. Leave the husband, leave the friends, leave your Mom, leave the kids, and leave the dog at home. While you may want to share in on the excitement, having an audience is actually very distracting and takes away from focusing on dedicating this moment for YOU. If you are dealing with persistence from others to attend, rest assured they can bring you in, but take a look for a local cafe nearby they can relax at while you get 100% undivided attention in your boudoir session.

Thinking of doing a couple’s boudoir session? Then hubby can join in on the fun! 😉

#4 Negative Self Talk

what to bring to your boudoir session saint augustine

Listen up babe. You are everything and more, as you are NOW.

You are coming in for your boudoir session because you want to release the negative. Use this boudoir shoot to discover a new perspective of you. This is your moment to get back in touch with yourself and not keep pushing yourself backwards in thinking.

Self sabotage sounds something like:

“You got a lot of work cut out for you.”

“I don’t want you to photograph this part of me because ….”

“I don’t think I will love any of these images.”

You are in the best hands between me and my staff to ensure you will love everything you are and what you see when your boudoir session is done. I am here to personally coach you step by step. All you have to do is show up, trust the process, and have FUN!

Julia Rabon is a professional boudoir photographer in the Saint Augustine and Deland, FL area with the mission to empower women in their boudoir photoshoot experiences. To schedule a consultation, contact me directly here!

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