Sexy Things You Have in Your Closet Right Now for Your Boudoir Session

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Sound all to real and familiar?

Well guess what, honey! I bet if you walked into your closet and took a good look at the wardrobe you have in front of you, SOMETHING in there will work for a boudoir photoshoot! Now I am not knocking the feel-good shopping spree, treat yo self babe. But you don’t need to go crazy inside of Victoria’s Secret looking for outfits or stuff your Amazon cart. I bet you already have some sexy things in the closet or drawers right now!

boudoir photoshoot lingerie ideas

#1 Lingerie

Duh! This one is pretty obvious right? Or is it? Think about it, you already have your favorite set of bra and panty in the drawer. Maybe there is something in there that your man adores on you too! Your lingerie drawer probably contains different styles, fabrics, colors, and more. Any of those could work! Lace is one of the most popular options I see my girls bring in for their boudoir shoot. And when in doubt, bring the black!

boudoir photoshoot lingerie orlando florida

#2 His White Button Down Shirt

We can create a few different sultry looks with a button down! This classic look can be worn with just a few buttons buttoned, tie up in a knot, hold it in your hand for some sexy teasers, and more! The bonus? He will go CRAZY seeing you in his shirt!

robe for boudoir session in orlando florida

#3 Kimono…Satin Robe…or my Robe 😉

The robe is a timeless look and it is perfect for those semi-revealing shots with a little bit of shoulder peaking over. PLUS! I have a gorgeous couture robe that is available for use as a bonus in your session with me! For more details on boudoir session bonuses such as the robe, contact me here.

couture robe boudoir session jacksonville florida

#4 T-Shirt or Jersey

Get creative! Got a favorite team? Band? Movie/Show Series? You can wear a shirt like this in your boudoir shoot and pair it with some sexy, black panties and fish nets!!!

sweater boudoir session new smyrna beach florida

#5 Sweaters and Stockings

Your adorable sweater that you found at Target and can’t wear for a solid month here in Florida? Yup! You can wear that too! Sweaters are perfect for the soft, cozy boudoir images and look even better when paired with some knee/thigh high knitted stockings!!!

Feeling more confident now in what you have in your closet and drawers to potentially use in your boudoir session? Perfect! Let’s set up a date and get you really ready to crush your own boudoir shoot!

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