10 Reasons Why You Should Do A Boudoir Session

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Hi, I'm Julia

I make it known all the time to women, you don’t need a specific reason or excuse to do a Boudoir shoot. I know they still have their holdups. Which is 100% normal!

So let’s get down to it:

When is the last time you did something for yourself?!

No, we aren’t referring to the fancy Michael Kors bag, or treating yourself to a Venti Iced White Mocha…

I am referring to something truly meant for YOU.

Do you remember the last time?

I think we all can agree as women, mothers, caretakers, whatever the case may be, we always put ourselves last. Everyone gets the undivided attention and we give our every ounce to others, but we don’t do anything for ourselves. Why?!?!

We get so consumed with our roles in life, the excuses come bearing down like no tomorrow, holding us back from fulfilling ourselves. So let me give you the 10 reasons to do a boudoir session that you can focus on instead of the 1 small reason “you can’t” do one.

Here we go!

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Who doesn’t like to introduce a new time in life with a big bang?! Your birthday is coming soon and you want to celebrate who YOU are and what YOU have done in life so far. We already agreed we as women are bad about putting ourselves behind in the dust, so why not make this a new and exciting chapter by doing a BIG celebration of yourself?!

I’d be delighted to help you design a shoot that says. “I’m worth it and I am ready to celebrate ME!”

bridal boudoir session orlando florida


Let’s face it, among allll the wedding planning, a boudoir shoot is the last thing on your mind. BUT I can assure you, the ME TIME from a boudoir photo shoot is 100% needed and necessary to sit back and relax from all the crazy wedding planning. Plus, not only is it a gift to yourself, you can gift the photos to your soon-to-be husband too! It’s a win-win!

Is your wedding day coming up in the next few months? Let’s talk about giving him an unforgettable gift and get you in for some selfless ME TIME.


Uhm hello?! This is the perfect, unique gift for your partner! What is so fun about doing a Boudoir session for this special occasion is that it seems like two gifts in one. And hint hint: the first anniversary is celebrated with paper! So that album just may be the answer!
Is your anniversary going to be something super special? Let’s talk about it! Maybe you would even be up for the challenge of celebrating WITH your partner and doing a couple’s session!!!

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Us poor Mom’s…we NEVER get to be put first! Our bodies are changing, our emotions running low to high, and we just need to find how to love our bodies again. When was the last time you had an actual reserved time away from the craziness of life since having your kids?


Time after time we say “I wish, I wish, I wish”. Believe me, I have heard this A LOT of time! And you are probably saying to yourself, “I wish I did this years ago”. Don’t keep making the same mistake! Let’s capture who you are TODAY in all of your beautiful glory!


Why is loving ourselves seen as a rebellion in our society? Us women have been conditioned that we have to change ourselves to be seen as beautiful. Think about the beauty industry ads and the dieting ads making us think we have to change. Too small, too big, too this, too that. It hinders ourselves from accepting who we are! If you are fed up with the wild goose chase to perfection and want to feel beautiful in your own skin, I urge you to consider a photoshoot with me. You are the focus, you decide how you want to look, how you want to feel, and in the end I show you who in those photos should be accepted and loved. That who is you. These images will serve as your reminder to love yourself as yourself, even when the world says you shouldn’t.

divorce photoshoot orlando florida


The end of a new beginning?! It’s time to close up this chapter and start on a new, exciting one! What an honor it would be to shed off the old and honor yourself with letting loose and bringing through the new! Have you felt lost for awhile and need a little reminder of how to feel alive and you again? Let’s feed YOUR desires, and not anyone else’s and do this session all about you. This can be a healing experience if you open yourself to it. Let’s talk on how YOU can show up in this new life!


Whether you have lost 5, 10, 20, or 75 lbs, you need to celebrate this! All wins are big wins, and this is the moment to put yourself out there and say “I DID THIS!”. This boudoir session will showcase you and how to flaunt this new you. Let’s celebrate this milestone together!



Hell. Yes. Girlfriend. I am HERE for this! Deep down, I know we all want to be seen, heard, and feel beautiful as ourselves, within ourselves. But it starts with us. We can enjoy and celebrate ourselves, but we need to first accept that we are beautiful. This will radiate immensely on the outside too! When women as a whole begin to feel open and free to who they are, we will be unstoppable.


Can I tell you something? Take a break. Take a break from the excuses of why you shouldn’t do a boudoir session. Be easy on yourself. Stop the negative chatter and build yourself up with the positive of why you DESERVE to do something special. For you. I have created a safe space for you let go of the doubts and excuses so you can open yourself to the experience and celebrate you. No specific reason needed!


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